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    COVID-19 Patient Update 15 May

    Our team at Westmead Fertility Centre is pleased to announce that we can now progress with our phased approach to the resumption of services. On Thursday 21 May we will move into Phase 2 and reopen for new IVF and ICSI cycles.  We have undertaken extensive risk assessments and introduced…
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  • COVID-19 Update 7 May 2020

    Our team at Westmead Fertility Centre was delighted with Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s announcement that elective surgery could resume after 25 April 2020. Since that time, our team has been working with our Hospital colleagues to develop a roadmap for the reopening of oocyte (egg) pick-up procedures. We have undertaken…
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  • COVID-19 Update 24 April 2020

    We are so very pleased with the National Cabinet’s decision to lift the temporary ban on some elective surgery, including IVF, after 25 April 2020. Our combined success across Australia suppressing the spread of COVID-19 along with the recent arrival of new stocks of personal protective equipment (PPE) has enabled…
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