Never give up hope

Our IVF journey began when we were only 22 and 23 after being told IVF would be the only way for us to have a family due to male infertility.

After 5 failed cycles at one clinic we made the decision to make the 1.5 hour travel to Westmead Fertility Centre for affordable treatment. Little did we know at that time it would be the place that would change our lives forever.

From the very start we were happy with every aspect of this wonderful clinic – affordability, professional, knowledgeable, supportive, flexible, caring, and most of all the wonderful team had only our best interest at heart, which was to give us a family.

Our first daughter was conceived after our 2nd fresh cycle (no frozen embryos each time).

Two years later we completed another fresh cycle which resulted in a miscarriage, but this time we were lucky to have 3 frozen embryos. Our second daughter was conceived with the next cycle we did using one of the frozen embryos.

Our third child (due to arrive in a week) was conceived using our very last frozen embryo from the same batch of embryos our second daughter was conceived from.

We endured lots of up’s and down’s throughout our IVF experience just like so many other couples but we are so very lucky that we are so fortunate to have a family. Westmead Fertility Centre will always hold a special place in our hearts for everything they have given us.


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