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  • Pregnant woman looking of baby clothes. Young mother waiting of a baby.

    How to choose a fertility clinic

    There are many clinics offering fertility treatment, but not all clinics are the same. Read on to discover 6 simple questions to ask which will guide you to find the best clinic for you.
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  • Why IVF Labs Are Important to Fertility Treatment Success

    Why IVF labs are important to fertility treatment success

    We believe it’s really important for patients to understanding what to look for in an IVF laboratory when considering a clinic for treatment. Read on to discover 5 tips you can use to separate an average from an excellent lab.
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  • Questions to ask your clinic about their embryologist

    Questions to ask your clinic about their embryologists

    Choosing the right fertility clinic is vital to the successful outcome of a healthy baby.  Not all embryologists are made equal and their skill, education, years of experience, and expertise can have a significant impact on the success of fertility treatment, making your choice of fertility clinic critically important. A…
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