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  • Difficulty trying to conceive (TTC)?

    Are you worried about your ability to conceive, or concerned that you are not falling pregnant quickly enough? Well, the most important thing to know is you that you are not alone. One in six couples in Australia has difficulty conceiving due to a fertility related problem.  People are often…
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  • Guest Blog: Fertility & Sex

    One of many reasons why couples engage in sex is to reproduce (i.e to conceive/pregnancy). Sex is a lay-person, simple term for sexual activity and in a couple, it involves outercourse (touch, kiss, hug, etc) and intercourse (penis inside vagina, mouth or anus). For reproduction, vaginal intercourse (penetration of penis…
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  • What is an embryologist?

    Embryologists are highly trained scientists who are responsible for the laboratory procedures involved in fertility treatment.  Embryologists gain their skills through dedication to hands-on experience and the theoretical understanding of human reproduction, infertility, assisted reproductive technologies, commitment to research, and enthusiasm for introducing the latest proven technologies into their practices.…
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