Your baby is our only goal, science is how we achieve it

Australians should have access to high quality fertility care at an affordable price. Since 1984, we have been helping people to realise their dreams of becoming parents. As a University of Sydney clinic, our patients benefit from the latest research and scientific expertise.


What we offer

The most effective and affordable fertility treatments, delivered with expertise and care.

  1. We have been offering fertility treatment at Westmead Fertility Centre for more than 30 years and have helped thousands of couples and individuals over this time. We are wholly owned by the University of Sydney, which makes us very different from any other fertility clinic in Australia. Our scientific team have some of the highest qualifications in the country and our work is driven by the latest developments in fertility technologies and methodologies to give you the best chance of success.

    When you embark on your fertility journey, you’ll quickly become aware that there are a number of fertility clinics from which you can choose, each with very different scientific and clinical capabilities, experience levels and models of care.

    Westmead Fertility Centre has the proven track record that you are looking for.

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    How to choose a fertility clinic

    Why IVF labs are important to fertility treatment success

  2. While all of our patients share the goal of having a baby, every path is different and personal. Some patients have a definitive indication for fertility treatment such as in vitro fertilisation (IVF), whereas others do not. In some cases, pregnancy can be achieved through treatment of a hormonal imbalance, correction of a metabolic disturbance, removal of fibroids or polyps, or non-invasive ovulation induction.

    Our fertility specialists will ensure that your treatment is designed specifically for your needs and circumstances.

    Our team includes both gynecologists and endocrinologists, which means we are uniquely placed to take a holistic (whole of body) approach to your fertility care. Our highly experienced scientific and nursing teams work together with your fertility specialist to deliver integrated expertise, while our fertility and genetic counsellors are here to support you every step of the way.

    Our expert team are your trusted companions on your fertility journey.

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    Coping with stress during fertility treatment

  3. We are 100 percent owned by the University of Sydney, which means we are not focused on making profits for private shareholders. We are free to follow our philosophy of offering the latest, most effective, high quality fertility treatments at affordable prices. We strongly believe that all patients have the right to access fertility treatments, regardless of their financial circumstances.

    Any operating surpluses we make are invested back into our laboratory and clinical equipment, and used to increase success rates through research. We are the only fertility clinic in Australia that operates as a social enterprise, using our ‘profits for purpose’ to drive research with the potential to improve future patient outcomes.

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    Westmead Fertility Centre: a social enterprise in Sydney’s western suburbs

    “Every patient should have access to the highest quality, comprehensive and proven fertility treatment at an affordable price.” – Dr Howard Smith, Westmead Fertility Centre’s Medical Director

Start your fertility journey with Westmead Fertility Centre

There are many ways to start your fertility journey.
Please choose the path that best suits your stage, or give us a call for guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Questions patients have asked us 
since 1984

  • Because the University of Sydney owns Westmead Fertility Centre, financial profit for the satisfaction of and distribution to shareholders is not our focus. We are passionate about our philosophy of keeping our pricing affordable to make high quality, effective fertility treatment accessible for as many people as possible. Instead of being focused on profits, we direct our operating surplus to where it makes the biggest impact on your chance of success – investing in our laboratory equipment, research, and to attract and retain the best staff and fertility specialists. Our offices may not look extravagant, but our laboratories are state of the art.

  • Our experienced embryologists maintain the highest standards to ensure optimal results in the safest setting possible. We have highly advanced equipment and our fertility specialists are leading experts in proven techniques. As well as being informed about emerging technologies, we play a pivotal role in contributing to their development through our research and new approaches.

    We take our responsibility of supporting your developing gametes (sperm and eggs) and embryos extremely seriously and our onsite laboratory meets stringent guidelines and best practice in the industry.

  • No, there is no wait list to start treatment at Westmead Fertility Centre. However, because our fertility specialists are so popular, there may be a wait for your initial consultation to see them.

    Once you have chosen the fertility specialist you would like to support your treatment, we recommend contacting their consultation rooms as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. Once they have completed your fertility investigations, treatment at Westmead Fertility Centre can begin straight away, guided by the timing of your monthly cycle.

    Decide on a fertility specialist and schedule an appointment for the initial consultation.

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