The team at WFC is very pleased to announce that our service will be reopening for all cycle types, with new IVF/ICSI cycles available to start from 12 October 2021, with COVID precautions in place.  As our colleagues in Westmead Hospital remain focused on critical COVID management activities, we have temporarily moved our oocyte (egg) pick up procedures to a fully accredited private day surgery facility located nearby.  Access to this external facility will come at no additional cost to our patients, and all required details will be provided at the time of cycle booking.

If you are intending on starting a new cycle, please take this opportunity to check your Patient Portal to ensure you have all the necessary pre-treatment requirements and that they all remain valid.  You can contact us through the Patient Portal to let us know you are planning to start a cycle, or if you have any questions for our team.


Our state reached a critical milestone of 70% double dose vaccination on 7 October and it triggered significant changes to the public health advice.  We know that we have many patients eager to start treatment.  However, as the government eases restrictions we need to be aware that COVID remains a significant health risk.  With pregnant women particularly vulnerable to COVID, we must all share the responsibility to keep our patients as safe as possible from this virus. We know that vaccination is the best way to achieve this.  A very high proportion of our patients are already vaccinated, and we encourage everyone considering treatment to receive the vaccination.  Importantly, vaccinated patients will also keep our team protected, assisting us to minimise the risk of future temporary closure which prevents us from doing what we love – helping our patients achieve a pregnancy.

For these critical reasons, double COVID vaccination is required for all patients who wish to embark on treatment at this time.  Whilst this requirement will be in place for the foreseeable future, this position will be re-visited once the current risks associated with COVID are appropriately controlled.

If you are currently in an active FET cycle, or if you are intending to start an FET cycle soon, please contact our team via the Patient Portal and we can discuss your individual situation and the arrangements that are required to be in place.


We look forward to welcoming our patients back into our clinic and assisting you on your journey.